Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

  • To improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers.
  • To provide support and assistance to chronic pain sufferers.
  • To support chronic pain sufferers through fellowship and counselling.
  • To provide facilities and activities to meet the physical and social needs of chronic pain sufferers.
  • To create an environment where chronic pain sufferers have the opportunity to learn more about pain.
  • To engage in any activity including pain research which the society may find beneficial to its members.
  • To educate the public about the needs of chronic pain sufferers.
  • To liaise and promote the society and research with other groups.

How do we achieve our aims?

  • By making ourselves available to listen, in times of stress.
  • By encouraging families and friends of pain sufferers to become actively involved in our activities.
  • By printing a monthly newsletter.
  • By holding small informal meetings every Wednesday by way of coffee group and other regular social events such as outings.
  • By holding monthly open meetings with guest speakers, demonstrations of therapeutic equipment and other relevant support.
  • Liaising with groups with similar aims and objectives.
  • By providing information beneficial to chronic pain sufferers through a library of audio tapes, video tapes, books, magazines and newsletters.

Our Services

  • Drop-in centre
  • Christchurch and Burwood Hospital hydrotherapy pools
  • Agent for Total Mobility taxi vouchers
  • Weekly coffee group
  • Outings/functions
  • Library of books
  • Monthly open meetings
  • Telephone support
  • Home and hospital visits
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Weekly games group

All the above services for $30 p.a. Join now.